Thinking of selling? Increase the value of your property!

There are many ways to help increase the value of your property, however you should consider your options very carefully. Here are a few things you should think about:

  • Think about the return you are going to get
  • How much time and effort you are going to spend
  • Consider all options

So you think that now it’s the best time to sell your home and you have made the decision to contact an agency to get a valuation, but before you do that you also need to do a walk-through your home and consider making some minor improvements that won’t cost the world but will help you get more money for your property for example: 

  • Carpets

    When was the last time you contacted a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean your carpets? Well now might be the time to get a professional carpet cleaner that can bring the colours of your carpets back to life, get rid of funny smells so potential buyers can have a really good impression of your home. If you’ve had pets in the house, a professional carpet cleaner could also help with removing those tough stain, marks and smells. Did you ever have friends over for dinner or kids perhaps dropped some juice on the carpets and because we are all time poor you forgot to get the carpets steam cleaned? For a small investment you can get your carpets cleaned, looking beautiful and what’s even more important more often than not you might not need to replace them to get a better price for your home.

  • Carpet Restoration

    Did the naughty puppy tried to dig a hole? or a tenant bleached the carpets? No need to worry, most professional carpet cleaners will also be able to repair your carpets whether that means re-stretching so your carpets are not lose or replacing a small patch of carpet, professional carpet cleaners might be able to assist you with that. Again, consider your options before you start looking around to replace your carpets, this option can save you thousands of dollars! 

  • Tile Cleaning

    Majority of new houses have tiles throughout the house, easier to clean but . . . Overtime you will notice that your tiles start looking a bit dull, grouts start looking a bit dark as well. So what can you do? No need to worry, some carpet cleaners also offer tile cleaning service. The latest technology in tile cleaning can really make a difference and make your tiles looks like new again. Think about it, you may have tiles in open plan areas, laundry, bathroom and shower. Potential buyers will be walking through your house and they might see mouldy seals or grouts. A professional tile cleaning service will most likely be able to re-grout your tiles and replace the sealing in the shower making them look like new. What’s even more important you will be able to add all these work that has been done to the property in all the collateral that will be prepared prior to selling your home, increase your chances of selling quicker and also value! More dollars in your bank account!

Remember only book a professional and qualified carpet cleaning or tile cleaning service, any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on 0412186654 .

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