How to clean your bathroom

Cleaning the whole house is never an easy task, especially when we have not done that for a while. A good way to ensure that the house cleaning is not so painful is to clean everything quite often and not let the dirt build up too much.

For example, cleaning the bathroom regularly is essential because you use it every day so it’s a lot more hygienic. Here are simple things you can do every week to keep your bathroom clean without doing the whole house cleaning:

  • When you get out of the shower, use the squeegee to remove the little drops of water on the walls of the shower, otherwise grime will build up;
  • Clean the mirror as soon as you see a blot on it, otherwise it becomes harder to clean;
  • Do a quick wipe up of the floor ensuring dirt and hair, etc are removed;
  • If you see any mold, don’t wait, clean it straight away with a special house cleaning solution. Maybe there is a problem with your seals so check if everything is okay. If not, ask for a plumber or re-do the seal.
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