How to clean a mirror

Mirrors can be very decorative in your house and everybody has at least one mirror at home. It’s easy to forget to clean them while doing the house cleaning but keeping them clean is not a huge task because it’s not difficult to clean and easy to see if there is dust on a mirror or if they are clean.

 Here are some excellent tips on his to clean your mirrors, quickly and effectively:

  • If you can take down the mirror, then do it, because it’s easier to handle when it is not up high;
  • Remove the dust from the mirror with a soft dusting cloth;
  • Soak another rag with a glass cleaning solution. It’s better to not apply the cleaning solution directly on the mirror;
  •  Remove any cleaning solution that may have landed on the frame of the mirror.
  •  Dry the mirror with a clean rag.

If there are some marks on the mirror, like tape marks, apply rubbing alcohol and use a smooth blade to remove it. Then do the cleaning mirror again, as explained above.

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